Italian Culture


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This is a very special day for the Italians. We always cook lamb or veal on that day. You were able to find prime spring lamb at this time of the year. Read more

Italian Families at the Holidays

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I always look forward to the holidays because the family spends the whole day together... Read more

Poggio Cappiano

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It is hard to understand the place olive oil holds in the culture of Italians until you experience the passion that they have . It shows in the olive oil produced by Fabrizio, Poggio Cappiano. Once you have used it you will understand. Read more

Topics to Avoid in Italy

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Politics, taxes and religion are always the top 3 in any culture.... Read more

Safe Topics of Discussion in Italy

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The Italian people are always happy to discuss the architecture of the area and of Italy in general. Art, local and national, also enjoy being among the most common subjects.... Read more

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