Italian Recipes

Porkskin Braciole

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This was my favorite. We didn’t eat it often because it was very rich. Ask the butcher for sheets of pork skin. Wash  and cut them into squares. Lay flat on the table and start to build. Sprinkle salt, pepper, basil, red pepper, romano cheese, garlic powder and a mixeture of eggs and breadcrumbs onto the sheets. Now roll them up and tie with string. Place the finished product into the fring pan and cook. The braciole will turn clear when they are done. Place them in your spagetti sauce that you are making and you will have a dinner that you will not forget and will want to make for family  and friends. Read more

Wonderful Italian Recipes

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One of my favorite Italian chefs is Giada De Laurentiis, host of Everyday Italian. She has several books that are easy to follow, and meals are usually quick and always delicious. Check out Giada’s “Everyday Italian” and Giada’s “Family Dinners” for wonderful Italian recipes. Read more

Cooking the Perfect Pasta

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Here are some basic steps to making that perfect pasta:...

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Traditional Tiramisu

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Tiramisu is translated as “pick-me-up” in Italian. This favorite dessert is known for the high energy contents, eggs and sugar with the caffeine in a strong espresso coffee. Read more


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This fantastic Italian dessert is made with whipped ricotta, powder sugar and a licorice liquer. All this is put into a cannoli shell and dusted with powdered sugar. Bon Appetito! Read more

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