Tour By Train

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Italy by train is an excellent way to see the country whether you have two weeks or two months to travel.

It is a great way to see some of the Italian countryside without the hectic traffic or crowded busses. Service ranges from the “classic” state room trains whose speeds vary to ultra-modern high speed EuroStar Italia trains with world class amenities.

To get the most out of your Traveling time and to see places off your main itinerary, night trains with sleeper cabins can save you money and time, especially if you have a rail pass. The night trains allow a whole days worth of travel while you sleep, so you could include a distant location like Palermo or Lecce to your visit.

The Italian rail service offers numerous passes and packages to travelers as well as accepting international rail passes like Eurail. Single tickets are also cheap enough to add unplanned daytrips to your vacation.

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