Holidays in the House we grew up in

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Easter was always good. I remember my mother makeing cookies with a hard boiled egg in it. She would have conoli’s and pizzelle. We would get up in the morning to the aroma of fresh gravey cooking and dunk italian bread into the gravey because we could not wait. My mother would always worrry that we would eat too much before the food was ready and then not eat when we sat down. This never happened. In the gravey were meatballs, neckbones, fresh ham hocks, italian sausageand beef short ribs. About noon we would sit down to eat and we had spagetti. That was all my father would eat. Later on in life he would try other cuts. Around 5 oclock we had the meat course which was either a roast leg of lamb, pork roast or vealroast with patatoes,onions and carrot cooked with the roast. Salad was always served after the main course. And the gal of red wine.
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