Poggio Cappiano

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A few weeks ago a woman came into the deli looking for a good oilve oil for dipping. We recomended Poggio Cappiano, she was worried about a stong aftertaste. We assured her that this was not a problem. She purchesed the olive oil, came back 2 days later and raved about the oil. The next day her husband came and thanked us for the oil. Now the thing that will blow your mind is when I started to write this post she came into the deli to buy a larger bottle of that great evoo. She also proceded to tell me that they have a very good friend ,who graduated form the cooking school in Tuscany ,Tried the olive oil and said this is what you find in Italy. The friend never thought she would find that olive oil here in the US. She told them they were very lucky to find that guality olive oil.
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